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MyGov Connection offers a comprehensive suite of services aimed at supporting small government contracting companies in their growth and expansion efforts. The focus on teaming agreements, subcontracts, mentor/protege relationships, and account management provides a holistic approach to fostering business relationships and development within the government contracting space.

Here’s a breakdown of our key offerings:

Teaming Agreements

Facilitating collaborations between various contractors to pursue larger government projects.


Supporting companies in securing and managing subcontracts related to government projects.

Acount Management

Providing support and management services for client accounts.

General Business Relationship Building

Assisting in establishing and nurturing relationships crucial for business development in the government contracting sector.

Mentor/Protege Relationships

Guiding and fostering partnerships between experienced and less-experienced contractors to facilitate learning and growth.

Moreover, the flexibility in pricing models—retainer structures cheaper than hiring full-time employees, commission-based options, and the provision of dedicated resources—caters to the diverse needs of different businesses at various stages of growth. This approach is tailored to cater to small government contracting businesses seeking accelerated growth, providing them with a cost-effective, outsourced solution for business development and account management needs. The customizable and adaptable nature of our services in terms of pricing and resource allocation is particularly appealing for companies looking to optimize their costs while accessing specialized expertise.

Exsisting Partners

Trust is the cornerstone of every partnership we forge. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships based on mutual respect, transparency, and shared goals. Our existing partners are more than just allies; they are part of the extended MyGov family.

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